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West Cloud Call Recording Overview

A cost effective and reliable way to protect and improve your contact center.

Cloud Call Recording

West Cloud Call Recording transparently records and stores every customer interaction within your contact center, including both voice and computer screen content. It’s used daily by all types of businesses to securely record and archive client conversations, whether for legal and compliance purposes, quality and process improvement, or for evidencing transactions.

Our innovative solution affords all the benefits of call recording within your contact center at a lower cost than on-premises solutions, and calls can stored in our cloud for as long as you need.

Improve Agent Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Cloud Call Recording analytics help you to identify top performers as well as those needing training. It also has an effective component for coaching staff and monitoring quality, conducting customer surveys and an easy-to-use scoring chart for call grading and evaluation.

Voice Recording is easily set up across all phone calls, or select to record certain individuals or teams. You can further identify and record certain time periods, caller ID or service numbers, types of contacts, reasons for calling, and more. Flexible web-based reporting and real-time dashboards give you access to the information you need at the click of a mouse whenever and wherever you need it, with over 60 standard Management Information reports available. 

Screen Recording provides synchronized voice and screen activity, enabling total visibility of the agent interaction and workflow that surrounds the transaction. It includes multi-monitor and remote worker support, and playback is easy from within your web browser.

Used together, they provide a great way to train new staff and give a detailed insight in overall call experience. Data from voice and screen recordings will highlight existing training program deficiencies so that you can fix them, which in turn cuts time to productivity for new hires and improves customer satisfaction. 

Quality Monitoring helps you create an objective learning-based culture that rewards agents for their efforts using customizable, unlimited grading and scoring templates. Managers can track real-time performance issues using KPIs driven by the grading and scoring process. Cloud Call Recording is fully compliant to the major standards for customer service benchmarking, enabling participating organizations use our quality monitoring tools as an integrated part of their approach to achieve industry-wide recognized levels of high customer service.

Surveys offer an interactive post-call option to gain feedback quickly and easily after call completion. This direct connection with customer feedback ensures you hear the actual responses, without the potential for the message to get diluted by a third party.

Keep Compliant

Cloud Call Recording encrypts each call using your own digital certificates. Only the agent, along with other users you authorize, can access and play back customer calls via the secure interface. Cloud Call Recording saves money on expensive annual audits without the need for IVR systems or difficult-to-manage “start/stop” recording solutions that put you at odds with regulatory legislation. With internet banking-level security and dual resilient recording of each interaction, we can further ensure financial and credit card safety with an optional PCI Compliance module.

Integrate with Other Solutions

Cloud Call Recording works seamlessly with West Cloud Contact Pro and plugs into all major CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com, enabling you to manage recordings from within the customer record without any complex system integration project. It also integrates with phone systems, including our own hosted VoIP PBX solution, with tight integration that delivers agent level indexing, call transfer tracking and more. With our open APIs, you can unlock the power of the data held in your customer interactions to drive the payment of staff commissions, update CRM records, improve processes and drive faster resolution of complaints.

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