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Virtual Learning Environments Overview

Cost-effective virtual training for the enterprise

Achieve greater ROI for learning and training programs with instant access to content, subject matter experts and peers. 

West’s Virtual Learning Environment is the nexus for all your learning assets. House content in all its various formats – webcasts, audio, video, slides, documents, spreadsheets and more. Integrate one or more Learning Management Systems (LMS), or use the Virtual Learning Environment in place of an LMS to offer a single online learning portal. 

Create a learner experience that increases information retention. Build and publish live or on-demand courses with built-in security controls that ensure the right audiences access the right content.



The flexible course structure allows custom learning paths that support individual learning paths and the requirements of multiple accreditation bodies. Organize content into tracks, libraries or channels. Set up learning rooms with office hours and hold collaboration sessions using web meetings. 

Push new content to employees as it’s released. Desktop and mobile users alike can quickly locate content with user-friendly navigation and search tools. 

Manage the pace of learning by scheduling required activities at a specified date and time. An activity can be scheduled for all course participants simultaneously or at alternate times to create a flexible pace.



Support informal learning through forums, open chat sessions and integrations with social platforms including…

  • Yammer
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook



Content is automatically optimized for all iOS and Android devices with no special formatting required.



Measure and interpret behavior with the West Engagement Index. Review and refine content in real time using insights from a convenient, easy-to-read dashboard and in-depth Smart Reports. Track attendee attention in live events with automated or manual prompts.

  • Usage patterns
  • Conversation analysis
  • Q&A logs
  • Social media activities
  • Group trends 



Launch your learning program in a matter of weeks when you select a “ready to go” Virtual Learning Environment, or opt for one uniquely designed for your organization. 

Configure a Virtual Learning Environment that includes multiple classrooms, an auditorium and a library, or feature an entire campus with each virtual building dedicated to a brand or product line. No matter which version you choose, you’ll have a customized, fully branded learning center.

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