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Mobile Connect Overview

Extend your enterprise network to mobile and remote employees.

For VoiceMaxx customers who need to extend the reach of their corporate communications to mobile employees, Mobile Connect delivers a powerful set of features that converges the services of desktop handset service with a user’s mobile phone, allowing for single-number contact.

Rich Features and an Easy–to–use Interface

Through Mobile Connect, an enterprise’s mobile workforce can take full advantage of all of the outbound calling features from VoiceMaxx, such as access to company directories, 4 digit on-net dialing, low-cost international calling and touch screen access to play and delete voice mail.

Mobile Connect provides users with a unified desktop/mobile number providing callers the simplicity of a single number, while maintaining privacy of personal mobile numbers. Additionally, outbound calls placed through Mobile Connect reflect the caller ID from the corporate number, not the user’s mobile number.

Mobile Connect also allows users to keep their work and personal calls separated on the same device. Work-related call records, call history and voice mail are accessible through the Mobile Connect application, instead of being merged with personal mobile phone usage, eliminating confusion.

Compliance requirements and features from West UC’s VoiceMaxx service are also carried over to the mobile device through Mobile Connect. Advanced features such as call recording, and centralized call detail reporting are extended from the cloud-based enterprise platform.

The Benefit of Experience

Best of all, Mobile Connect is delivered by one of the most skilled providers in the industry. With over a decade of experience in delivering enterprise communications solutions to dynamic enterprises and a world-class support team, Mobile Connect provides a simple guarantee to keep employees and enterprises connected.

Sophisticated Tools that Deliver More Control and Flexibility

With Mobile Connect solution, your mobile and remote workforce are better equipped to work as effectively and efficiently as those in traditional corporate offices.

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