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InterCall Reservationless-Plus & BlueJeans

An easy way to bring video to your audio conference

­InterCall Reservationless-Plus® audio conferencing seamlessly integrates with BlueJeans cloud based video conferencing.  What does that mean for you?

By bringing these two powerhouse collaboration services together you no longer have to choose one technology over another for your next meeting.   You can now combine audio and video participants in the same conference and take advantage of a solution that:

Increases the simplicity of scheduling

With BlueJeans’ online scheduling tool, you can schedule meetings with Reservationless-Plus audio participants and Blue Jeans video participants all at once.   All participants use the same meeting ID no matter how they join.

Increases the reach of your meeting

Don’t let your video assets collect dust.   Now you can combine up to 150 audio and 100 video participants in the same meeting*.   Furthermore, you can record your meeting for those who missed it or want to review it at a later date.

Increases the quality of your audio conference

By utilizing the online audio and video controls provided by Blue Jeans, you can:

  • View all participant connections so you know who’s joined.
  • See who’s speaking in real time with “active speaker” indicator.
  • Mute/unmute participant lines to control unwanted background noise.
  • Know who enters or exits your meeting with custom notification settings.
  • Dismiss unwanted participants with a simple mouse click

Integration makes sense

Bringing these market-leaders together offers you one superior meeting solution for adding video to your audio conference.   Reservations are never required as both Reservationless-Plus and Blue Jeans operate as on-demand services which allows you to conduct audio and video meetings whenever you need to,  from wherever you are and no matter what equipment you have on hand.   Furthermore, you can meet with confidence knowing that West has deployed the industry’s only globally VoIP conferencing network and BlueJeans is the global leader in interoperable video collaboration service.

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