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Enterprise Connectivity Conferencing with Maxxis

Simplicity and Performance - A Perfect Match

The world changes a bit when two perfectly complementary things come together. That’s the result of combining Reservationless-Plus® Audio Conferencing and an all-IP network connection via Maxxis, known together as Enterprise Connectivity Conferencing (ECC).

It’s simple. Leveraging a fully hosted audio conferencing solution via a fully hosted and supported all-IP network improves performance. Voice quality is up, latency is down. It also can reduce operating costs, capital investment, and IT support requirements. It also provides a smooth and continuous path for capability upgrades.

Maxxis, a flexible and highly capable WAN, serves your team, wherever it happens to be. Maxxis MPLS offers flexible service delivery from multiple Tier 1 carriers to ensure wide geographic coverage, a complete choice of network interfaces to suit your business needs, and a level of resiliency that is not found in single-carrier networks. Maxxis provides a fully managed router, QoS optimized for voice traffic, along with comprehensive bandwidth monitoring.

Reservationless-Plus gives you the power to host conference calls whenever you want and bring your teams together to get things done, to share and discuss important information, and to move the needle. From regular weekly meetings to conference calls on the fly, Reservationless-Plus enables effective, pragmatic teamwork. Just pick up your phone, dial your dedicated phone number, conference code and PIN to initiate a call, at any time, from anywhere.

Quality of Service

Maxxis differentiates between real-time applications, like voice, and general internet activity and sets priorities to match business requirements. Quality of Service (QoS) rules will ensure that all voice traffic is handled with the right level of urgency meaning that users enjoy the best experience possible.

Easy to Deploy
Utilizing a wide choice of underlying carriers, Maxxis can deliver the connectivity you need wherever your offices and facilities are, linking them together and to the world. Maxxis utilizes a high-performance MPLS backbone, accessible via T1, DS3, OCx, and Metro Ethernet. The end result: a network that provides the best selection of carrier options for each of your locations, simultaneously optimizing cost, providing resiliency and delivering high quality performance.

Easy to Use
Connecting with your team has never been simpler, no matter where they reside. Joining conferences is easy with a single list of numbers for all regions. Plus, users can schedule meetings quickly with the Outlook Plug-in. Need an ad hoc meeting right now? No problem, because reservations are never required.

Easy to Manage
We manage the required infrastructure, providing round-the-clock performance monitoring, along with troubleshooting and system repair. Additionally, we’ll help you set up reporting tools, ensuring that you maintain insight into system utilization.

Outstanding Support
Our Network Operations Center is staffed 24/7 by Cisco-certified engineers who proactively monitor the enterprise communications network, freeing your IT team to focus on supporting strategic initiatives. A single call provides access to the expertise and exception­al service that has made our support team the industry benchmark for service quality.

Cost Savings
From a reduction in capital requirements to lower total transport costs, the use of a dedicated, all IP network vs. continued use aging, inflexible PSTN technology just makes good operating sense. It also means that this fully hosted solution frees scarce IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives instead of infrastructure and call management tasks.

Access Other Business Critical Services
Because we combine high-performance WAN services with a robust set of peering relationships, you can leverage your Maxxis connections to access a variety of other business critical applications, like video services.


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