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Cisco Spark Hybrid

Cisco Spark Hybrid combines with VoiceMaxx CE to extend the advantages of Spark with call control features, calendar access and scheduling, and corporate directory services.

Cisco Spark Hybrid

Cisco Spark provides a persistent virtual environment for one-to-one messaging, chat, and content sharing, as well audio, video and web meetings. When coupled with VoiceMaxx CE, our enterprise unified communications as a service solution that builds upon and extends Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), it can also offer voice and video calling within or outside your organization.

With VoiceMaxx CE, you can extend the advantages of Spark with advanced call control and routing, calendar access and scheduling, and corporate directory services.

Never miss a call - Your business phone is always in your pocket

Your calls ring everywhere. Answer from your Spark app or your Cisco IP Phone. Callers will never know you weren’t at your desk. Your contact list and call history is synced across all your devices.

More than just a call

When calling other Cisco Spark users, easily transition from a phone call to a screen share on any device. No need to set up a formal meeting. 

Connected Calling

Call Service Connect provides interoperability between Cisco Jabber and Spark so that Spark becomes an enterprise softphone with voice and video functionality.

Connected Calling Any Device

Choose Jabber or Spark to call anyone without worrying about which application you or the other person is using.

  • Be reached on one number whether using Spark, Jabber, or a desk phone
  • Access everyone you need no matter what application or device they’re using, including company extensions, PSTN numbers, Spark-only users, and even video bridge numbers
  • Dial PSTN numbers from the Spark app just as you would from your desk phone
  • Start a call on a mobile device and seamlessly switch to a room system mid-call

Simple Scheduling

With Calendar Service you can connect your business calendars to streamline scheduling for workers across the organization.

  • Schedule meetings from your mobile device’s calendar app, Microsoft Outlook, or Outlook Web Access
  • When hosting a meeting, add @webex into the location field to add your WebEx meeting room details 
  • Add @spark to create a Spark room for all meeting invitees, allowing the conversation to start before the WebEx meeting and even continue afterward

Enterprise Directory

Directory Services provide access to contacts in the cloud. With Active Directory synchronization and single sign-on features, you have both administrative simplicity and enhanced corporate security.

Work from any Device

Spark works on virtually any device to enable anytime, anywhere collaboration.  Plus, the Spark app turns your device into a softphone, further enhancing ease of connection and rapid response.

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