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Cisco Spark Overview

Making team work simpler

Cisco® Spark creates a place for teams to work together, where their work can live, and a way to stay connected to it all. Spark virtual “rooms” are as easy to start as sending an email, where you can:

  • Securely send unlimited messages and share files
  • See files instantly without a download to get to the important information fast
  • Start face-to-face meetings with screen sharing to accelerate decision making
  • Review a history of messages and files so that everyone can always be up-to-date regardless of time zone or location
  • Participate from a mobile device, computer, or even a browser for anywhere, anytime collaboration
  • Work confidently with end-to-end content encryption so that only the intended recipients can read shared messages and files

Work from Any Device

Cisco Spark works on virtually any device to enable anytime, anywhere collaboration.

  • Cisco Spark for iPad
  • Cisco Spark for iPhone
  • Cisco Spark for Web (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer)
  • Cisco Spark for Android
  • Cisco Spark for Windows
  • Cisco Spark for Mac

Virtual Rooms

Spark is easy to get and use so that people — colleagues, business partners, anyone — can make progress together fast. Users create “rooms” for persistent and secure messaging and file sharing so that teamwork is always accessible anytime and from any device.  Video calling and face-to- face meetings with screen sharing help accelerate decision making. Keep track of what’s going on in your rooms through notifications and a searchable, chronological room list. Anyone can create a room and add others by simply entering their name or email address. Rooms can be for just you and one other person or for groups.

Business-Class Security and Management

Cisco Spark supports end-to-end encryption of messages, room names, and files. This content is encrypted by a user’s device before sending and is decrypted by the intended recipients. As a result, all content arrives at Cisco servers in encrypted form and is stored that way. We always use secure HTTP (HTTPS) encryption to protect what you send, and Spark supports media encryption to protect the audio, video, and screen sharing during a call.

Cisco Spark paid subscriptions offer companies additional security and management tools. For example, rooms with external participants display an indicator next to the room name so that employees can make informed decisions about the content they want to share in a particular room. Additionally, users can moderate rooms to limit who can add other users.

The Spark administrative portal is available for IT administrators and partners. This portal enables company Single Sign-On (SSO) and corporate directory synchronization, role-based access, usage reports, and more. Here, partners can quickly start customer trials and manage accounts, helping ensure that customers get the most out of their Spark experience.

Reimagine How Teams Work Together

Send 1:1 or Group Messages and Share Files Securely

Use messaging to  keep  the  discussion  going  in    your   rooms. You can receive notifications to alert you when new messages or files have been posted. Read receipts appear when other people have looked at what you’ve shared. The history of messages in a room is available so that users can review previous text and files anytime.

You can share any file type in Spark. PDF, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint are rendered for previewing in your rooms, making it easy to scan for the important details immediately.

Drag and drop or upload files from your desktop. On an iPhone or iPad, you can tap to add a photo or select a file directly from a Box folder). Expanded file-sharing options are available for Android users.

Cisco Spark Makes Meetings Feel Natural

In 1:1 rooms you can select the camera icon from any device to start a high-definition (HD) video call. For paid users of the Meet subscription, Spark rooms can support face-to-face meetings for up to 25 people.

After you select the camera icon, other users are prompted that meeting has begun and they can join at any time while the meeting is in progress. Anyone using Windows, Mac, and Firefox applications can share their screen. Participants see screen sharing as well as the active speaker’s video

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