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Cisco IWAN Overview

Cisco® Intelligent WAN (IWAN) is a comprehensive set of traffic control and security features for the wide area network that have been integrated into Cisco branch-office routers. IWAN supplies you with all the business-grade capabilities of an MPLS VPN – such as quality of service (QoS), WAN optimization, and VPN tunneling – allowing you to grow your MPLS network using internet, cellular, and other lower-cost links without compromising performance, reliability, or security.

Using the Internet as Your WAN

If you’re like many IT organizations, you’re under pressure to meet the growing bandwidth demands of cloud services, mobile traffic, and video in your branch sites. Not adding bandwidth could clog the network, cause poor user experiences, and slow down business response times. To remedy the situation while staying within budget, you can confidently add internet or other lower-cost links in your branch offices and still get 99.999 percent availability.

You can automate IWAN feature configuration quickly scale to thousands of sites. And with the Cisco ONE Software buying program, which decouples software licenses from hardware, you’ll continue to have access to the latest technology to protect your investment for years to come.

Cisco IWAN Benefits

  • Affordably extend your MPLS VPN with less-expensive Internet, cellular, or other WAN links.
  • Reduce your monthly WAN services bill without reducing security, performance, or reliability.
  • Use a single integration platform for all WAN control functions to simplify IT operations.
  • Roll out guest Wi-Fi, SaaS, video, and other critical services without slowing down your WAN.
  • Get a return on your investment in a matter of months.

And with West, you also get:

A Turnkey IWAN Approach

West provides a single source for your IWAN project, from networking gear and project management to deployment and long-term support.

Unrivaled Support

Our state-of-the-art network operations center delivers superior support is staffed 24/7 with Cisco-certified engineers who act as a direct extension of your IT staff. West has completed an extensive audit of its infrastructure, process and procedures and our technicians have demonstrated a proven ability to support Cisco technologies at all ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) lifecycle phases.

Now more than ever your business needs an intelligent WAN to grow and compete. To learn more, talk to your West account representative.