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BlueJeans User Guide

Learn how to schedule, start, manage and run video conference calls using BlueJeans


  1. Scheduling Meetings
    1. Configuring Meeting Details
    2. Advanced Options
    3. Invitation Email, received by the Participants
    4. Invitation Email, sent to the Moderator (scheduler)
    5. Outlook Add-in (and links to other scheduling tools)
  2. Joining and Managing your Meeting
    1. How Moderator enters the meeting room
    2. How Participants enter the meeting room
    3. Joining the conference:
      1. Using a Computer (Browser and Blue Jeans App)
      2. Using an H.323 Room System
      3. Using a Telephone only
      4. Using the Blue Jeans App on an iPhone or iPad
      5. Using the Blue Jeans Android app
  3.  InterCall Reservationless-Plus Audio Integration

 Part 1.  Scheduling Meetings Configuring Meeting Details – it takes just seconds!

  1. First, log into your account, at intercall.bluejeans.com
  2. Landing in your Meetings room, click the Schedule Meeting button.
  3. Enter meeting details:
    1. Meeting Title (displayed in the waiting- or-meeting-to-begin welcome panel)
    2. Add optional meeting description
    3. Date/Time
    4. Repeat? (daily, weekly or monthly)
    5. Click to see Advanced Options
    6. Choose to use your Personal ID, or, a unique, one-time 9 digit Scheduled ID.
    7. Add participant passcode (more secure)
    8. Advanced Option Settings (see next three pages for details)
    9. Email invitations (addresses entered in the past will “auto-complete”)
  4. In Settings, you can change default settings for future meetings:
    1. Default Video Layout
    2. PSTN Number Preferences: if enabled by your Admin, you can choose which country dial in number you want published for your meetings.
    3. Welcome Message (displayed in the waiting room welcome panel, for Personal meetings only)
    4. Set the default Advanced Options you want enabled, for Personal or One Time (scheduled) meetings.

That’s it! Your scheduled meeting is now ready to use, at the scheduled time or anytime earlier (it will not end until the schedule ending date/time).

Click the Meeting Bar to expand and show the details, along with further options:

  1. View participants. Click + to quickly add new ones.
  2. Another way to view invited participants, copy meeting details, or add to Outlook
  3. Edit any aspect of the meeting
  4. Cancel the meeting
  5. Start the meeting

Download the presentation to get full step-by-step user instructions.


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