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The Power of HIMSS TV: Enterprise Television Marks the Future of Marketing

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 14:00
Power of HIMSS TV: Enterprise Television Marks the Future of Marketing

For the second year in a row, HIMSS TV is back to bring the world’s largest health, information and technology conference to the laptop, TV and mobile phone screens of over 110,00 unique viewers globally.

Last year, when we first sat down with HIMSS to launch the first online broadcasting network of its kind, the goals were simple. They’re what I hear from many of our clients over and over again. They ask, “How can we extend the reach of our event? How can we make our valuable message go further?”

Executive Vice President of HIMSS Media, John Whelan mentioned at last year’s conference that only about one-third of their total engaged audience were able to attend the event physically due to limitations such as cost and travel. This leaves two-thirds of their market untapped, a frustration that is common to many large organizations with a global following.

The answer I always say, is the same way we are all already consuming content daily – through the power of live streaming and TV. The average home views 49 hours of streamed video content a month. As the fastest growing segment of content in the market, it’s time for enterprises to tap into live-streamed TV broadcasts to reach their target buyers where they are already spending their time.

For HIMSS, this strategy brought their event which typically sees around 45,000 attendees to receiving over one million digital impressions. Both on-site and online attendees of the annual HIMSS conference can tune into HIMSS TV, which broadcasts live coverage of executive interviews, event highlights and thought leadership panels. Viewers have the choice to watch the live programming on HIMSS’ social channels, as well as, conference hotel TVs and the HIMSS’ Roku channel.

For those who cannot attend the event physically, the level of content accessibility and engaging quality of the live programming nurtures a more authentic interaction between HIMSS’ brand and its consumer.

Here are three key reasons why I believe every organization should be using business television to strengthen their marketing strategy. 

  • It’s innovative: Imagine saying you wanted your business to have a network with programming just like ABC 10 years ago – impossible. Today however, it’s completely doable, and will set your brand apart from others who haven’t yet taken the leap.
  • It’s authentic: Video by nature is more personable. Although the medium is digital, you’re still able to have a “face-to-face” experience with your audience which build trust in your brand. Live video takes everything to the next level, capturing the energy and urgency of attending an in-person event.
  • It’s original: Creativity must be at the forefront when putting together an enterprise TV network. All components of your programming can be completely custom to your brand and what your audience is looking for. Content can even be a mix of live and pre-recorded videos for commercial-style monetization opportunities through sponsors.

To get inspired to spark your own innovative TV-style broadcasts within your company, tune into HIMSS TV this week and see the magic for yourself.

Where to watch:

Online at HIMSS.TV 
Across HIMSS' Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels 
Onsite at HIMSS19, February 12-14, at select Orlando hotels 
Stream it on HIMSS OTT channel on Roku during HIMSS19 and throughout 2019

Learn more about West Digital Media Solutions:

We are very proud to be HIMSS’ technology partner and would love to share more with you about our solutions that enable HIMSS TV. If you are interested in learning more, please visit email us directly at [email protected] or reach out to me on LinkedIn here.