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How the Cloud Increases Contact Center Agent Productivity

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 12:00
Cloud Contact Center Agent

A recent study carried out by Forrester Research revealed that one of the biggest problems companies have with their contact centers is that “agents must use multiple applications to find the information they need.” It makes sense that agent productivity would be diminished if agents are forced to go in and out of various applications and use different functions in order to extract the data necessary to handle the next customer interface.

Thanks partially to the speed and power of social media, consumer expectations for customer service have risen. Customers want companies to be more available in more ways, and they want their issues resolved quickly. As a result, companies are finding that increasing the productivity of their cloud contact center agents is of vital importance.

4 Ways the Cloud Increases Contact Center Agent Productivity

If you are looking to move your contact center solutions and technology to the Cloud, here are four ways to utilize the Cloud to increase customer service and provide the tools and environment your agents need.

1. Give Contact Center Agents Access to a Unified Customer Database

Valuable time is wasted when an agent must look up a customer address in one application, and then pull call, contact or sales history from another. Merging this information into a single database allows for quicker data lookups and improves call handling times, lowering the amount of time between customer sessions. With faster access, agents are better versed on the customer’s situation and, in turn, are better equipped to reach satisfactory resolutions.

2. Allow Agents Mobility and Flexibility

The majority of today’s workers – regardless of position and location – seek flexibility in their work schedules. The ability to work from anywhere gives agents choices in how they schedule their time. Implementing a web-based contact center app allows agents to handle their caseload from virtually any location, and from any device. The power of the Cloud adds flexibility and often results in a happier, more productive and efficient workforce.

3. Provide Agents Access to Omni-channel Cloud Contact Center Software Tools

Giving agents access to a variety of software and web-based tools allows them to handle customer contact cases in whatever means is appropriate. They can use voice, email, chat, social media and more to solve problems for clients. This capability means that agents are meeting their customer’s needs at their level and time frame. Like having access to a unified database, this access can also lower contact-handling time and increase the percentage of calls that are resolved on first contact.

4. Engage in Cloud Contact Center Workforce Management and Monitoring

Another way to increase agent productivity is by monitoring and measuring call volumes and agent scheduling via advanced call center solutions. With the right tools in place, management can compare planned agent activities to actual activities in real-time in order to best utilize each agent and appropriately route calls.

Cloud Contact Center Workforce Management can monitor and record agents to figure out their availability for calls while taking into account breaks, lunch, vacations and other scheduled events. Using forecasting and other reporting tools, managers are able to help each agent maximize their productivity, so calls don’t go unanswered and customers aren’t kept waiting.

Additionally, implementing monitoring allows managers to review live calls in an effort to increase call quality and ensure proper procedures are in place to guarantee proper call-handling.

Contact Center Managers Moving Toward the Cloud

To further substantiate factors affecting agent productivity, a recent study conducted by Pelorus Associates (a market research company specializing in telecommunications) revealed the following key findings regarding the contact center agent experience:

  • 74 percent of contact center managers believe that better software = better engagement, improving agent morale.
  • 87 percent of contact center managers say that agents would be more satisfied using software mirroring what they use outside of work.
  • 70 percent of executives think that access to contact center software from mobile devices is important for improving agent effectiveness.

So, to maximize the true ROI of your cloud contact center solution, be sure to put the above guidelines in place. Doing so ensures that your agents are maximizing their productivity, therefore positively impacting the company’s bottom line. Look to West to help your company improve its employee satisfaction and agent productivity by utilizing a call center solution designed for success.

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