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How to Use Video for Marketing: The State of Online Video Today

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 11:45
How to Use Video for Marketing: The State of Online Video Today

Simply put, marketers who want to stand out in 2020 are using video. Along the way, they are discovering that online video creates campaign awareness in a cost-effective manner and increases audience engagement.

Online video is emerging as a powerful part of the marketing toolbox. Video is far superior in driving engagement, generating leads and measuring the impact of campaigns.

Leveraging broadcast streaming quality, marketing teams are turning to video to not only enhance the effectiveness of webinars, but to create value for a wide range of initiatives—including virtual events, on-demand sales support and social media programs (this last one is especially important given the impact of COVID-19, as more people stream live video online from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

We recently partnered with Wainhouse Research to survey more than 2,000 marketers and find out how online video is being used in marketing today.

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