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How to Transform Your Webinars Into an Endless Supply of Content

Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 13:45
How to Transform Your Webinars Into an Endless Supply of Content

Fair warning—this post may get a bit meta with its focus on creating content based on our webinar of the same topic!

But in the spirit of our recent webinar in collaboration with Content Marketing Institute, we couldn't pass up the chance to provide some tangible takeaways from our half-hour together.

Here are just a few of the ideas that resonated most with our audience.

Shifting the Paradigm of Live Events

Underpinning our discussion was the idea that we need to shift the paradigm of live webcasts, from the "one and done" mentality pervasive in marketing today to webinars being merely the jumping off point of fantastic, content-rich campaigns.

We pour time and energy into picking a topic, arranging speakers, creating visuals and most importantly, driving registration. In the days before the webinar, the only question asked is, "how many registrants?" Post-event, the follow up query is always, "how many people watched?"

But the true value of webinars as a marketing tactic isn't just in registration: it's in the content of the webinar itself.

Over the course of 30-45 minutes you could have as many as 10 insightful takeaways. By shifting the paradigm of live events, we come to realize that these takeaways, and the follow-on content that can be created from them, are the real value and the real reason why webinars can be the Swiss Army knife of demand generation. They provide the content and the audience you need to fill up your funnel.


From Awareness to Purchase

And while we're talking about the funnel, it's time to rethink this all-important framework that governs our lives as marketers too. Because webinars alone won't move your prospects from awareness to purchase, no matter how killer your speakers or incredible your topic.

Effectively repurposed, your webinars can not only generate leads, but provide the content you need to nurture those leads until they are ready to purchase.

Think about the webinar as fulfilling the important step of making a prospect aware of your product or service. They're not ready to buy yet, but they've engaged by coming to your event and maybe they even took a poll or asked a question while they were there.

Next, the blog post you create with takeaways from the webinar (I warned you this would get meta) and social posts with short clips from the event help move the prospect from awareness to interest, prepping them for direct outreach from your sales team.

Used this way, webinars can be a highly effective lead generation and lead nurturing tactic.

From Bullet Points to Great Content

So—where to begin?

Post-event, several sources will inform your content strategy. We’ll start with the agenda from the webinar itself.

Most webinars will cover 3-5 key areas within a given subject—post-event, each of these can become a separate topic, complete with:

  • Takeaways for a blog post
  • 3-5-minute video clips for social
  • Q&A from the webinar to create an FAQ
  • Audio clips for a podcast

You should also have a look on social and at your chat history from the webinar. Attendees will tend to pick out great points and post them or comment on them during the live event. This provides a great guide in terms of the best takeaways your speakers offered up during the presentation.

Depending on the scope and length of your event, the depth of follow-on created can be immense.

Take Ambassador's Word-of-Mouth Summit for example—multiday virtual events like this can create meaningful, additional content for the next 18-24 months.

There's no question that getting to the live day for your webinar requires a lot of time and input. Make the most of that effort by leveraging the amazing content your speakers come up with to fuel your demand generation and content strategy, filling that funnel for months to come.

Learn how our webinar solutions can transform your marketing campaigns, and learn more about ways to repurpose your webinars into endless supplies of content.



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