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How to Make the Transition to Video Earnings Calls

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 12:45
Video for Investor Relations

Video has been proven to increase the effectiveness of communication across the board. As Simon Bryan, Managing Director, Americas of Lumi pointed out, “You’ve never seen an audio-only gender reveal.”

When the message, delivery and reaction are all equally important in your communications, video is the best vehicle for delivery and to drive engagement from your audience. Investor earnings presentations fit right into this equation. The numbers are key, how you present them sets the tone for investors, and the body language from your reaction to questions are what builds trust and confidence in the partnership.

Making the Transition to Video Earnings Presentations 

Often the only setback cited when making the transition to video is building the confidence in the user to present on camera and trust the technology. Below we’ve outlined the four best strategies for transitioning to video presentations based on the comfort level of your executive team.

Comfort level: Enthusiastic and wants to go big or go home.

Advice: Don’t stop at a one-way video experience. Give the people asking the questions the opportunity to appear on video to create a seamless two-way dialogue. This can be done by selecting a handful of people to appear as their own video source or have more than one camera in the room and a microphone to pass so it’s possible to switch the view from the panel to the audience.

Comfort level: Loves the idea but not sure where to get started.

Advice: Pick a technology and production value that won’t slow you down. The good news about video today is how accessible it is compared to even two years ago. Although you could, you probably don’t want an earnings call produced solely on your smartphone. There’s a range of mid to high level production options that can fit your budget and needs. It’s best to start simple and add on with the more experience you have.

Comfort level: Concerned about control of the message.

Advice: Mix up live and pre-recorded video. Put your presenters at ease by pre-recording the first segment of your earning call so they have a sense of security in how the message will be delivered. Then host a live Q&A following the recorded segment to generate the most interest and attention from your audience.

Comfort level: Hesitant to change and worried there are too many factors.

Advice: Iron out any worries or kinks by doing an internal presentation first. Practice makes perfect and taking the pressure of a live external audience off can help presenters and project managers feel better prepared. Once the comfort level rises and things are going well, it’s easy to switch to a live public presentation.

Get Video Tips from Investor Relations Experts 

Hear more from the experts of video for investor relations in our Client Summit Session on How to Bring Your Earnings to Life, which is available to watch on demand on our YouTube channel.

Simon Bryan of Lumi, Mark Loehr of OpenExchange and Simon Ball of West share the tools and tactics they’ve learned through execution to make your video earnings a success.


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