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Cloud Contact Center

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Moving Contact Centre to the Cloud

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Moving Contact Centres to the Cloud

Sandie Simms
Thu Feb 8, 2018
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
As the popularity and accessibility of cloud solutions grow, so do the number of new entrants to the marketplace. Many businesses are intrigued by the... more
Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Centres

New Report Highlights Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Centres

Sandie Simms
Fri Jan 26, 2018
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
As with the introduction of any new software, the transition to cloud technology in the contact centre will always raise logistical concerns. The number... more
Call Center Games Contests

Motivational Games and Team Contests in Call Centers

Melissa Coen
Wed Jan 3, 2018
Whether your contact center is geared towards inbound or outbound calling, sales or customer service, you want agents that stay motivated and energized to build a positive identity for your company.... more
Multichannel Contact Center Challenges

5 Ways to Overcome Multichannel Contact Center Challenges

Monica Ellis
Mon Dec 11, 2017
Given the number of ways we communicate these days, it's not surprising to learn customers have high expectations when it comes to dealing with companies across multiple channels, whether it’s chat,... more
What is Contact Center Virtualization?

What is Contact Center Virtualization?

Kevin McMahon
Thu Nov 9, 2017
The call centers of yesterday were often huge offices with row after row of agents answering calls that were routed to them using traditional PBX and ACD systems.  
At the time, it made sense for... more
Contact Centre fit for Digital

Is Your Contact Centre Fit for Digital?

Sandie Simms
Fri Nov 3, 2017
The author of this post is located in the UK.
New Multichannel Contact Centre Benchmarking Tool by West
Digital interactions are expected to overtake voice in the contact centre by 2020, according to... more
Cloud Contact Centre Security

How the Cloud Keeps Contact Centres More Secure

Sandie Simms
Mon Oct 16, 2017
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
Customer behaviour is evolving rapidly, and so are expectations. This presents an interesting challenge for businesses: how to improve the customer... more
Saleforce CRM Integration with Contact Centers

7 Key Features of Salesforce CRM Integration in Contact Centers

Monica Ellis
Mon Oct 2, 2017
CRM integration can yield some pretty serious benefits within the contact center. Most notably, CRM integration can:
Eliminate toggling between apps and browsers, saving time for agents and the... more
Contact Centre Customer Satisfaction

3 Tips to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Sandie Simms
Fri Sep 29, 2017
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
The modern customer is used to getting what they want, when they want it. The fast pace of the digital world means people decide when they interact with... more
Need a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Cloud PBX vs. Cloud Contact Center: Which Do You Need?

Kevin McMahon
Tue Sep 26, 2017
If you’re investigating the cloud to enable communications for both back office staff and front-line agents, you may be wondering if you can get by on a cloud PBX for voice services alone or if your... more
Contact Center Benchmarking

Online Event: Build a Better Customer Experience Using a Contact Center Benchmark

Monica Ellis
Thu Sep 14, 2017
Benchmarking within the contact center can be quite an undertaking. Where do you start? What do you measure? How to you compare with others within the industry?
Of course, each call center is unique... more
CRM Contact Center Integration

4 Reasons You Need CRM Integration in the Contact Center

Monica Ellis
Tue Sep 12, 2017
If you’ve ever tried to join up an on-premises contact center solution with your CRM, chances are you’ve thrown your hands up in frustration and perhaps even given up. The struggle (to unite... more
Future of Contact Centre Metrics

What’s Next for Contact Centre Metrics?

Sandie Simms
Wed Sep 6, 2017
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
Traditionally, to define and measure success, the call centre industry has relied upon efficiency metrics, such as Average Handle Time (AHT), developed... more
Contact Centre Customer Service

5 Ways to Put Contact Centre at the Heart of Customer Experience

Sandie Simms
Mon Aug 28, 2017
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
How is your contact centre seen by your organisation? A cost centre and necessary evil, or a hub of successful customer interactions, driving customer... more
Profitability and Customer Experience

Customer Experience and Profitability: Getting it Right

Sandie Simms
Mon Aug 14, 2017
The author of this post is located in the U.K.
Industry research such as Forrester’s 2016 report Customer Experience Drives Revenue Growth, has shown that customer experience leaders do achieve... more
Social Media in Contact Center

Social Media in the Modern Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Mon Jul 31, 2017
With nearly 74 percent of internet users having active social media accounts, social is an increasingly important channel that contact centers need to consider.
Source: wearesocial.com
Year over year... more
What does a call center agent do?

What Does a Contact Center Agent Do?

Kevin McMahon
Mon Jul 17, 2017
Contact center agents are customer service or sales professionals that handle phone calls, emails, live chat messages, SMS texts, and support tickets for companies. The nature of the calls and... more
Contact Center Call Backs

5 Reasons You Should be Using Call-Backs in the Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Mon Jul 10, 2017
Contact center call-backs can bring big benefits to businesses and customers alike. Rather than forcing customers to wait in queue, simply offer a call-back service. Call-backs can lead to lower... more
Migrate Contact Centre to Cloud

3 Tips for Cloud Migration to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Sandie Simms
Fri Jun 23, 2017
The author of this post is located in the UK.
Legacy contact centre system limitations can be a big roadblock when it comes to designing and delivering positive customer experiences across digital... more
CCW West Research

West to Highlight Customer Experience Research at Call Center Week in Vegas

Monica Ellis
Fri Jun 23, 2017
Call Center Weekly 2017 is happening this week at The Mirage in Las Vegas. The annual meetup, organized by IQPC, is part conference / part expo, bringing together the customer care community for a... more
Contact Centre Digital Interaction

Contact Centre Digital Interaction: Preparing for the Future

Sandie Simms
Fri Jun 2, 2017
The author of this post is located in the UK.
The demise of the traditional call centre has been predicted for a while now. Is it ever really likely to happen?  Well, there is definitely no doubt... more
Best Customer Service Channels

The Best Channels for Customer Service Within the Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Mon May 22, 2017
Customer service channel options have increased significantly over the last few years, but choosing the best fit for your business can be difficult. The decision should be balanced between the cost... more
ICMI Contact Center Expo 2017

See You at ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference 2017

Monica Ellis
Thu May 18, 2017

Orlando, FL | May 22 - 25Walt Disney World Resort

Next week the West team will be joining contact center industry professionals and experts at The International Customer Management Institute (... more
Call Center Volume Management

Managing the Ups and Downs of Contact Center Call Volume

Kevin McMahon
Mon May 15, 2017
Every contact center goes through peaks and troughs in call volume, whether planned, seasonal or unexpected. A natural disaster can lead to a rise in insurance claims, just as the New Year can result... more
Call Center Complaints

Using Technology to Eliminate Common Call Center Complaints

Kevin McMahon
Tue May 9, 2017
All businesses, to varying degrees, must handle customer complaints. Improving customer service can often be a challenge. Of course, it makes sense to avoid complaints, minimize mistakes and reduce... more
Call blending best practices

Call Blending Best Practices

Sandie Simms
Fri May 5, 2017
Call blending allows the same agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls, depending on call volumes at any given moment. If you have software that can do it well, and agents that are suitably... more
Contact Center Repeat Business

Simple Contact Center Tips for Encouraging Repeat Business

Kevin McMahon
Mon May 1, 2017
If a customer has selected you from among the many competitive products and services available to them, then congratulations are in order. But your work isn’t over yet.
Customers today are more... more
Contact Center Quality Scoring

10 Tips to Improve Contact Center Quality Scores & Customer Service

Kevin McMahon
Mon Apr 24, 2017
Quality score is an important metric that helps to improve customer service, encourages staff motivation, and identifies training and development opportunities. Call centers are increasingly... more
Web Chat Customer Service

3 Reasons to Use Web Chat as a Customer Service Channel

Kevin McMahon
Mon Apr 17, 2017
Web chat use within the contact center has seen a rise in popularity when it comes to resolving issues or finding quick answers. Customers appreciate the speed and ease of use that it offers in... more
Contact Centre Questions to Ask

12 Questions to Ask When Choosing Contact Centre Software

Sandie Simms
Fri Apr 14, 2017
The author of this post is located in the UK.
When setting up a contact centre you’re going to be faced with choosing from a huge selection of software, including cloud contact centre solutions,... more
Customer Journey Mapping

Better Customer Journey Mapping In The Cloud

Kevin McMahon
Mon Apr 10, 2017
It is no secret that positive customer experiences convert into sales. On the flip side, a poor customer experience can lead to less sales potential and even churn. According to research commissioned... more
Cloud Content Center Vendors

Cloud Contact Center Debate - The Pros and Cons of Using a Vendor

Melissa Coen
Tue Apr 4, 2017
Chances are, whatever business you’re in, your company requires at least some contact center functionality.  Even if your business is something other than actually running call centers, most larger... more
Blended Dialing

Blended Dialing for More Contact Center Success

Kevin McMahon
Tue Mar 21, 2017
Call blending allows contact center agents to handle both incoming and outgoing calls so agents remain productive when inbound call volume is low. Some businesses have concerns that blended dialing... more
Customer Service Builds Loyal Customers

6 Ways to Build a Loyal Following with Great Customer Service

Kevin McMahon
Mon Mar 13, 2017
Consumers today are savvier than ever and extremely experienced at shopping around to get a bargain. But that's not to say that customer loyalty is a thing of the past. If customers truly see value... more
Data Led Contact Center

How To Run a Data Led Contact Center (And Why)

Kevin McMahon
Mon Mar 6, 2017
Our Marketing Led Contact Center Manifesto looks at the essential rules for merging marketing and the contact center in a customer-centric organization. One of the key areas it highlights is data. ... more
Call Recording Quality and Training

The Importance of Call Recording for Quality and Training

Kevin McMahon
Mon Feb 20, 2017
Whenever you call your bank, mobile phone company or utilities provider, just to name a few, you’re often met with a recorded message saying the call will be monitored or recorded for quality and... more
IVR Design

How to Design a Successful IVR System (and Stop Annoying Customers)

Kevin McMahon
Mon Feb 13, 2017
If you’ve ever called a contact center, chances are you’ve experienced an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system, which is an automated telephony system that gathers your details and lets you choose... more
Contact Center Marketing Strategies

3 Key Marketing Strategies for Your Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Tue Jan 31, 2017
While brand messaging and audience reach have long been extremely important for most marketers, the arrival of digital and mobile communication has resulted in many marketers taking a closer look at... more
Show Call Center Workers Appreciation

5 Ways to Show Your Call Center Agents Appreciation

Kevin McMahon
Wed Jan 25, 2017
Making employees feel valued should be an ongoing priority for any organization. But for contact center/call center agents, who are typically at the frontline in dealing with dissatisfied customers... more
Contact Center A/B Testing

How To Use A/B Testing In Your Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Tue Jan 17, 2017
While A/B testing is often used within marketing and business intelligence, it's not something that contact centers have traditionally leveraged. Sometimes referred to as split testing or... more
Marketing Merging with Contact Center

Marketing is Moving in on the Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Wed Jan 11, 2017
A trend is emerging at West with more and more marketers getting in touch to talk about our cloud contact center technology. And they’re asking some very interesting questions. The conversations with... more
Contact Center Connection Rates

4 Ways to Increase Outbound Contact Center Connection Rates

Kevin McMahon
Mon Dec 12, 2016
While the evolution of the contact center, with its move towards the omnichannel customer service environment and the rise of the tech-savvy mobile consumer, generates a lot of coverage within the... more
Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant

West Named Niche Player in Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant

Kevin McMahon
Tue Dec 6, 2016
Gartner Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory firm, has just published its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, North America. We are pleased to share... more
Multichannel Contact Center Self Service

The Impact of Self-Service on Multichannel Contact Centers

Kevin McMahon
Tue Nov 29, 2016
The increasing customer-led shift toward self-service in digital channels has had a big impact on the multichannel contact center. Social customer service has changed the way we communicate and... more
Time spent on hold

Research Reveals How Much Time We Spend on Hold

Kevin McMahon
Thu Nov 17, 2016
Research has shown that the average consumer can expect to spend around 43 days of their life waiting on hold. That’s not only bad news for consumers (we have better things to do!), it’s bad for... more
Cloud Contact Center Agent

How the Cloud Increases Contact Center Agent Productivity

Melissa Coen
Wed Nov 16, 2016
A recent study carried out by Forrester Research revealed that one of the biggest problems companies have with their contact centers is that “agents must use multiple applications to find the... more
Improve customer service

Improve Customer Service Experiences with a Channel of Choice Strategy

Kevin McMahon
Thu Nov 10, 2016
A true “channel of choice”' experience allows customers to swap between communication modes based on needs and preferences. A customer may begin by reaching out via social media, which leads to a... more
Hosted Call Center Solutions Metrics Checklist

Benchmarking Hosted Call Center Solutions - The Metrics Checklist

Melissa Coen
Tue Nov 8, 2016
Call centers come in many shapes and styles. Classic centers bring to mind rows of cubes, phones and people, but the current trend is toward cloud-based call center solutions. There are many reasons... more
Call Center Independent Customers

5 Contact Center Tips to Keep Independent Customers Satisfied

Kevin McMahon
Thu Nov 3, 2016
The modern customer is used to getting what they want, when they want it. With the entire internet in their pocket or purse, they can usually find the information they need in seconds. And if not,... more
Hosted Contact Center Customer Service

Hosted Contact Centers Provide Superior Customer Service

Melissa Coen
Thu Oct 27, 2016

“85 percent of responding organizations view customer experience…as a competitive differentiator.”

In the past, the expectations involved with a call to customer support included sitting on hold... more
Call Scripting Mistakes

10 Call Scripting Mistakes to Avoid in Contact Centers

Kevin McMahon
Wed Oct 26, 2016
Call center scripts often have a bad reputation. It’s easy to see why when we encounter overwhelmingly negative and unnecessarily frustrating experiences. We’ve all had them! 
However, call scripting... more
Enterprise Cloud Contact Center

7 Reasons Enterprises Move to Cloud Contact Centers

Melissa Coen
Mon Oct 24, 2016
As consumer expectations have changed concerning enterprise VoIP Contact Center interactions over the last several years, the industry has made modifications to its offerings and various... more
Contact Center Outbound Rep

7 Classic Outbound Dialing Mistakes to Avoid

Kevin McMahon
Thu Oct 20, 2016
Outbound dialing technology can have a enormous impact on campaign results. But there's more to a good strategy than just technology. We've outlined some pointers below to help you make the most out... more
PCI Call Recording Compliance

Easy and Affordable PCI Call Recording Compliance

Kevin McMahon
Thu Oct 13, 2016
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard (known as PCI Call Recording Compliance) for companies handling all types of card payments. ... more
Contact Center Culture

5 Ways to Improve Contact Center Culture

Kevin McMahon
Thu Oct 6, 2016
Contact centers have one of the highest staff turnover rates among all industries. Staff can often feel undervalued and lack job satisfaction, largely due to the monotonous nature of some of the... more
Call Routing Strategy

Make Call Routing Work for You and Your Customers

Kevin McMahon
Tue Sep 27, 2016
A good call routing strategy benefits everyone. It increases first contact resolution, helps in delivering great customer service, and improves agent productivity. Call routing is a fundamental... more
Higher Education Contact Center

5 Reasons Higher Learning Institutes Adopt Cloud Contact Center Software

Melissa Coen
Mon Sep 26, 2016
It’s no secret that the Cloud reigns supreme in the contact center arena. In recent years, a vast majority of enterprises have adopted some kind of hybrid or exclusively cloud-based strategy.... more
Contact Center Performance Management

5 Tips to Improve Contact Center Performance Management

Kevin McMahon
Fri Sep 16, 2016
Managing call center performance is not an easy task; however, it plays an essential role in contact center success. Team leaders and managers must build performance management into the company... more
Improve Inbound Call Center Routing

7 Innovative Ways to Improve Inbound Call Routing

Kevin McMahon
Thu Sep 8, 2016
Call routing is a contact center essential. A well designed routing system helps to deliver a superior customer experience and fast resolution to their query; but done poorly, call routing can lead... more
Blended Contact Center Productivity

Improving Agent Productivity with Blended Contact Centers

Kevin McMahon
Mon Aug 29, 2016
Trends in the Contact Center
There's always talk in the industry about the future of contact centers. With the emergence of multichannel or even omni-channel customer care, many call centers have... more
Inbound Contact Center New Rules

The New Rules of the Inbound Contact Center

Kevin McMahon
Thu Aug 25, 2016
It’s time to rip up the old rules of customer service – or risk losing loyal customers.
The old rules of ‘answer it quickly and dispatch it quickly’ no longer cut it. The game has changed and today’s... more
Call Center Metrics Essentials

4 Must Have Call Center Metrics

Kevin McMahon
Wed Aug 17, 2016
In an age where we have access to a plethora of data at the tip of our fingers, it can sometimes be a challenge to get to the call center metrics that actually matter. Call centers and contact... more
Call Center PCI Compliance

5 Ways to Achieve Call Center PCI Compliance

Kevin McMahon
Thu Aug 11, 2016
All contact centers taking credit and debit card payments over the phone need to be compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). While the process of becoming compliant (and... more
Call Back Services

Improve Call Center Service with Call Backs

Kevin McMahon
Wed Aug 3, 2016
Achieving Customer Service Excellence with Queue-Buster Customer Call Back Options
It’s frustrating to be stuck in a call queue or left on hold when you need customer service. It’s even worse when... more
CCW Contact Center Expo 2016

Contact Center Conference & Expo '16 Key Takeaways

Melissa Coen
Fri Jul 29, 2016
CCW Event Recap
The world’s largest Contact Center Conference & Expo took place last month at The Mirage Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call Center Week (CCW) hosted over 2000... more
Call Center Personalization

8 Ways to Personalize Call Center Customer Service

Kevin McMahon
Wed Jul 27, 2016
Successful personalization and creating a great customer experience in the call center is really all about making each customer feel valued. Of course it’s nice to greet each customer by their name,... more
First Call Resolution Tips

10 First Call Resolution Tips for Call Center Agents

Kevin McMahon
Thu Jul 21, 2016
First contact resolution (FCR) refers to when a customer's inquiry is resolved in a single contact. It’s a critical key performance indicator (KPI) in measuring both the quality of the customer... more
Contact Center Credit Card Security

Credit Card Payment Security in Contact Centers

Kevin McMahon
Mon Jul 11, 2016
Credit card data theft is big business. No customer likes the thought of card details being stored on a company’s databases due to the risk of potential fraud. Contact centers that take payments over... more
Call Center Agent Scripting Tool

The Only Call Center Agent Scripting Tool You Need

Kevin McMahon
Thu Jun 30, 2016
Agent Scripting: Do You Have What it Takes to Get it Right?
Agent scripting within the call center can be a touchy subject. On the one hand, you certainly don't want your agents to sound unnatural or... more
Moving to Cloud Contact Center

10 Reasons to Move to Cloud Contact Centers

Kevin McMahon
Tue Jun 21, 2016
There's been a seismic shift toward cloud solutions over the past decade in companies of all shapes and sizes. It looks like we've now reached something of a tipping point, with many having already... more
Contact Center Wallboards

Contact Center Wallboards: What Info Works Best?

Kevin McMahon
Mon Jun 13, 2016
The Best Information to Display on Your Contact Center Wallboards
Wallboards are a familiar tool used in many contact centers. They’re a visual means to display real-time calling stats, KPI... more
Hosted or Cloud Call Centers

Hosted or Cloud Call Center - Are They Different?

Kevin McMahon
Wed Jun 1, 2016
There is often confusion surrounding the terms "hosted" and "cloud" when it comes to call center and contact center systems. You’ll often see the words used interchangeably without any clear... more

The Multichannel Customer / Call Center Challenge

Kevin McMahon
Tue May 24, 2016
What do you think are the key challenges facing the call center industry?
We commissioned an independent survey of 100 contact center decision-makers to look at key drivers for moving to the cloud.... more
Remote Contact Center Workers

8 Benefits of Remote Contact Center Workers

Kevin McMahon
Tue May 17, 2016
The work-from-home option has been gaining momentum for a number of years now for contact center staff. With the right tools and agents, there's no question that it can yield significant business... more
Call Center Motivation Morale Boost

6 Ways to Motivate Call Center Staff and Boost Morale

Kevin McMahon
Fri May 13, 2016
A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Most people would agree that a miserable salesperson is likely to sell less than a contented one; or that an overly-stressed customer service rep will... more
Workforce Management Optimization

How Workforce Management Benefits Call Centers

Melissa Coen
Fri Apr 29, 2016
How Workforce Management and Workforce Optimization can Benefit Contact Centers
Today’s call centers can be run from almost anywhere, thanks to advanced communication systems and equipment. Some call... more
Contact Center Success Tips

8 Keys to Contact Center Success in 2016

Kevin McMahon
Mon Nov 30, 2015
With Christmas looming and the end of the year now in sight, let's take a look at some key predictions for the year ahead and review those areas where the really great contact centers are going to... more
Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader Contact Center as a Service

Gartner Names Magnetic North in Magic Quadrant for CCaaS

Kevin McMahon
Mon Nov 9, 2015
Multichannel cloud contact center specialist Magnetic North has been included within Gartner’s first ever Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), Western Europe. The company was one... more
Magnetic North Garter Magic Quadrant

Magnetic North Named in Another Gartner Magic Quadrant

Kevin McMahon
Wed Sep 9, 2015
Magnetic North named in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for ‘Customer Engagement Center Workforce Optimization’
Magnetic North has been included in Gartner’s 'Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement Center... more
Challenges of Contact Centers

The Top Challenges Facing Contact Centers

Kevin McMahon
Sat Jun 27, 2015
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TMCNet once ran an article series about one of our sister companies, West Interactive, where President Skip Hanson discussed the top challenges... more
Magnetic North Expert Planet Deal

Magnetic North and Expert Planet Team Up for North American Deal

Kevin McMahon
Mon Nov 24, 2014
Leading US-based direct response teleservices provider Expert Planet has signed a multi-million dollar agreement with UK cloud contact center vendor Magnetic North to roll-out its Maximise cloud... more