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Service FAQs

Cisco Webex Calling FAQs

These general FAQs address commonly asked questions about Cisco Webex Calling, formerly known as Spark Call. 

Show Where can I download the Cisco Webex and Cisco Webex Teams apps?
Visit https://www.webex.com/downloads.html for download options.
Show How do I contact support?
Cisco Webex Calling is supported by Cisco through an online portal located at the following url: https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com. Alternatively, you can call 1-844-772-7524 within the US or dial directly outside the US at 1-408-906-1107.
Show What phones and devices are supported when using Webex Calling?
Supported Webex Calling phones and devices are listed here: https://collaborationhelp.cisco.com/article/en-us/DOC-4205
Show Is this the same as Cisco BroadCloud?
No. Cisco offers different products under the Cisco Webex Calling brand. West also offers VoiceMaxx Cloud Calling, a Cisco-hosted BroadCloud calling service. Contact your account representative to learn more.

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