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Avoke Analytics

A cloud-based whole call recording and analytics solution
West’s Avoke Analytics is a cloud-based whole call recording and analytics solution that enables companies to optimize service performance from the customer’s perspective. The West system records calls in the telecom network, eliminating IT requirements. It follows your customers, uninterrupted, through their entire journey as they traverse the IVR, all transfers, internal contact centers and partner sites.

True end-to-end view

West’s Avoke Analytics Call Browser captures the entire call from the moments the caller dials the contact number until the caller hangs up, including all transfers, all IVR automation and all outsource partner resources.

IVR and Speech Analytics

West’s Avoke Analytics Call Browser combines call data, IVR analytics, dialing-to-hangup audio recordings and speech analytics in a single interactive environment. Search and data views enable discovery of patterns (what happened), with drill-down to specific locations in the recording to understand caller intent and behavior (why it happened).

No Software, No IT Integration

Using patented technology, West’s Avoke Call Browser is integrated in the telephony network, not in your data center. There is no hardware or software to install at any of your locations.

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