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Improve Call Center Service with Call Backs

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 10:15
Call Back Services

Achieving Customer Service Excellence with Queue-Buster Customer Call Back Options

It’s frustrating to be stuck in a call queue or left on hold when you need customer service. It’s even worse when you have no idea if you’re the next call or if there are five people ahead of you. Or if the average wait time is two minutes or twenty. The best case scenario is for every call to be answered promptly and by the most appropriate agent; however, the reality is while there are several measures you can take to avoid these situations, there isn’t an absolute fail-safe to ensure customers don’t end up on hold.

Call Backs: Your Secret Weapon to Avoiding Long Call Center Queues

It’s quite literally a pain in the neck to wait on hold with a phone wedged between your head and shoulder. By offering a call back option, you can greatly improve the customer experience. When wait times are too long, callers can simply "press 1 to receive a call back from the next available agent."

Our cloud contact center software, Cloud Contact Pro, offers call back as a standard feature. The call back feature also eliminates wasted mobile phone plan minutes by letting customers hang up the phone and carry on with their day. What would have been a negative experience is transformed into a positive.

Customize Call Backs for the Way Your Contact Center Works

This queue-buster feature is totally configurable. It can be triggered by the number of calls queueing, the number of agents logged in, or if wait times reach X minutes. You can set up custom messages relaying that “the wait time is currently X minutes” and to press 1 if they would prefer a call back. In addition, customers can also enter a preferred call time so the call back occurs when it’s most convenient. And if they’ve called from a landline but would prefer a call back on their mobile phone, they are able to specify which number they’d prefer to receive the call back on.

Call Backs Put Customers First

Our call queue system ensures that a caller’s place in the queue is maintained throughout the journey. Call backs requested at the end of the working day can be carried over to the next business day. There's also the option for the customer to record a short message about why they are calling which the agent listens to before initiating the call back. This informs the agent as to the nature of the inquiry so they can have an answer ready by the time the call connects.

In the event that the caller is not available when the call back is attempted, the agent can simply reschedule the call back as either a personal or a team call back so that the call back occurs as promptly as possible.

We also offer a web call back service, allowing a customer to submit an online form from your website to request a call back. 

Improve Customer Service, KPIs and Get Help When YOU Need it Too

Offering excellent call center customer service helps to retain customers. Call back features are an extremely simple and effective way to improve the overall customer service experience. You'll see an increase in your net promoter scores and it also makes it easier to accurately measure first contact resolution (FCR) as dropped calls can often skew these metrics. 

Our Success Managers are always on hand to offer practical advice on how to get the balance right with call queue management and to help optimize  call back strategies. To learn more, reach out using the form on the right side of this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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