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Hosted Contact Centers Provide Superior Customer Service

Thursday, Oktober 27, 2016 - 12:30
Hosted Contact Center Customer Service

“85 percent of responding organizations view customer experience…as a competitive differentiator.”

In the past, the expectations involved with a call to customer support included sitting on hold forever and waiting for someone who might or might not be able to help. Today’s customers have an entirely different expectation: fast and accurate response through a multitude of communication paths with a personal touch. And companies across the globe are listening. According to a survey by Deloitte, “85 percent of responding organizations view customer experience…as a competitive differentiator.” For today’s savvy business, that means staying on the leading edge, with the implementation of a comprehensive and capable contact center solution.

Contact Centers Improve Customer Experience

So what drives customer value with this investment? First, they save time. These solutions use skills-based routing to make sure the agent who can handle the call receives it the first time around. Many of these solutions also allow a supervisor or more experienced agent to listen in and assist the front-line agent without the customer being aware. This way the caller spends less time on hold, doesn’t get volleyed between agents, and has confidence that their issues will be resolved promptly.

Contact center solutions also integrate with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). The platform can monitor and filter responses on these sites, identifying customer issues so that your agents can initiate contact. You can also track and provide agents with specific key customer details, previous service success rates and other history.

Picture your customers calling in and connecting with an agent who is already aware of previous service engagements and is prepared to address the current issues in context – now that’s a competitive differentiator. Through reporting and tracking contact center platforms can head off some of the calls and frustrations by interactively recognizing a repeating problem. You might choose to post a notice or solution on your website or on the very same social media platforms that alerted you to the problem.

Improving Outbound Calling with Contact Center Solutions

Your agents will benefit from comprehensive customer profiles that integrate with CRM software, allowing them to call the right people, with the right information, at the right time. Most solutions offer enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offerings to enable these and other options. Of course, you can track your agents’ skills and successes too, and use the contact center solution to route their outgoing workload to them. Here too, integrating with social media is a boon: why not call people who are already talking about your product or service online?

How Contact Center Solutions Benefits Your Company

An improved customer experience is crucial, but there are many other benefits a contact center solution will provide.


A hosted contact center solution will have at least 99.99 percent reliability (or you should pick a different one!), so you never miss or drop a call.

Comprehensive Customer View

You get a picture of their buying habits, customer service requests and commentary from social media, and can put all of that information in front of your agent, to best serve and retain that customer. Even better, with the right routing and feedback, the customer can occasionally find his or her own answers, leaving with a positive result that didn’t even involve an agent.


With a contact center solution, you get top-of-the-line security and encryption, keeping your customers’ data safe and private – especially critical in the healthcare industry.

OpEx Model for Stability

Beyond the opportunities for a superior experience, there’s also the cost profile to consider. Hosted Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions allow for a move to an operating expense model vs. heavy capital investment. Hosted solutions also allow for superior Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity performance - ensuring that your operation stays active and engaged.

So implementing a call center solution is going to allow you to provide better service to your customers. Your customers will enjoy shorter waits, fewer handoffs and faster resolution. Your business will be able to better track their habits and feedback – whether to you or to their friends and neighbors on social media. And you can bring that feedback full circle back to improve their experience further. Of course, you still need to staff competent agents, provide them good training in customer service and follow up words with actions… but you won’t have to worry that your contact software is getting in the way.

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