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3 Key Marketing Strategies for Your Contact Center

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 11:15
Contact Center Marketing Strategies

While brand messaging and audience reach have long been extremely important for most marketers, the arrival of digital and mobile communication has resulted in many marketers taking a closer look at how customers are interacting with their brand. In fact, customer experience is fast becoming the number one concern for the modern marketer.

As a result, marketers are increasingly spending more money on technology and adopting marketing automation solutions to help them understand the customer journey and communicate with their audience in a more personalized manner.

West recently launched a contact center manifesto for marketers outlining why the contact center should be at the heart of the customer-centric business model and how your marketing strategies can be integrated for optimal performance. The following three tips are just a sample of what you can learn:


1. Communicate With Customers the Way They Want

Multichannel is a word that’s everywhere these days, and so it should be. Customers are now able to seamlessly switch between multiple channels, be it web, voice call, email or even social media, and they expect businesses to be able to accommodate. Although marketing has been quick to embrace multiple digital channels, in a customer-centric world this approach has to work in the contact center too.

Agents now need an integrated desktop to be able to have a single window view of all customer communication in the CRM database, as well as previous customer history, without having to switch between screens.

2. Blend Your Calls

Inbound calls have always been the preserve of the call center, while marketers focus on proactive outbound campaigns. Now the two modes of communication need to become seamless. 

As a contact center begins to respond more effectively and swiftly to increased customer demands, the blending of inbound and outbound is quickly realized as a conduit to becoming more responsive to the needs of the customer. A cloud-hosted blended contact center can enable agents to move seamlessly between inbound and outbound calls.

3. Analytics Are Your Lifeblood

The modern marketer thrives on analytics, but contact centers have also long run on key metrics like AHT (average handling time), FCR (first contact resolution) and revenue per call. The modern marketing and contact center strategy is data-led; by taking a more sophisticated approach to data, contact centers not only understand customer behavior, but also can create workflows that deliver an outstanding customer experience.  Even better, the contact center and marketing can work together to analyze and refine the effectiveness of these workflows to achieve shared outcomes, such as improved efficiency and more successful marketing campaigns.

Download the marketing led contact center manifesto for more details and access to all of our tips on how to integrate the contact center with your marketing strategies.

Contact Center Marketing Manifesto

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