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Improve Customer Experience by Integrating Your Contact Center and UC Solutions

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 12:00
Integrate contact center and UC solutions

In Microsoft’s “State of Global Customer Service” report, 78 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34 said they expect a customer service agent to know their contact product information as well as service history when they contact a brand for assisted service. 60 percent of that same age demographic said they regularly use live chat for customer service. The tidbits from that report go on, but the big takeaway is that these consumers expect their customer service interactions to be seamless, multi-channel, fast, and highly informative.

Optimal Customer Experience Occurs when Enterprise Collaboration Tools are in Lockstep with Customer-facing Communication Platforms

In most cases, organizations are deeply entrenched in their internal collaboration tools long before they commit to communicating with customers through cloud-based contact centers and other dynamic platforms.

Therefore, they are stuck trying to mash together multiple applications that just don’t fit well. As they do so, they sacrifice feature sets that enrich the customer experience. For instance, if a contact center platform doesn’t integrate with email or video conferencing, the company loses the ability to dialogue with customers and then archive and report on those discussions. Productivity is drained as agents toggle between programs trying to find the best application for the situation before them. Without in-application access to a one-click, intelligent directory, they struggle to find someone who can quickly answer a customer’s question. And the customer? Well, the customer receives a disjointed experience when the interaction should be smooth, with easy handoffs and repeatable and searchable processes.

West has paired unified communications tools such as Microsoft Skype for Business with its own Cloud Contact Center platform, along with other important functionality, to create a rich user experience across organizations and brands. An agent responding to a call center customer, whether via phone, chat, SMS, email or video, can use any and all internal collaboration tools to fully satisfy customer service requests. For instance, if a customer wants to know how to exchange last season’s product at a local store, the call center representative can use Cisco Jabber to IM the store manager for instructions. A customer struggling with the proper settings for a dryer can video conference live with tech support for a quick tutorial. All of these connections can be facilitated through the contact center without lengthy wait times, dropped calls, or multiple callbacks.

Integration Without Compromise

Security also is preserved in this integrated environment, which is key for financial services, healthcare, and retail environments. All have strict regulatory mandates that must be followed across platforms, including call recording, logging, monitoring, archiving, and privacy protection.

The more integrated the environment, the better the workflow. Your agents will be able to handle a greater call volume with greater customer satisfaction if they can easily tap into the right information at the right time within a single well-integrated platform.

Ensuring that the environment is cloud-based also is helpful as enhancements are done across the board and every agent automatically has access to product updates. Those working remotely experience the environment similarly to those within the physical call center. When customers call in, agents have the ability to assist them in a consistent manner.

Integration is conducted with a focus on ease of use, simple licensing, scalability, and low capital expenditure. Organizations can make use of their existing licenses and user knowledge without adding on costly infrastructure.<

With an integrated UC and contact center environment, your business will be able to meet and exceed all your customer demands with unrivaled customer service.


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