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How do Consumers want to Engage with Contact Centres?

Friday, May 18, 2018 - 08:30
Consumers engage with contact centres

Modern lifestyles require modern contact centres that offer modern conveniences, which puts continued pressure on customer service teams to deliver a higher volume of interactions with greater consumer expectations.

West Survey Identifies Consumer Preferences in the Contact Centre

Last year we asked contact centre managers about their customer service priorities and challenges in meeting consumer demands, the findings discovered a large technology gap that was impacting their service delivery. This year, we were curious to find out the consumers perspective of whether brands are providing convenient contact centre options and what they want more of.

The results align, with only 29 percent of contact centre leaders feeling confident they could design and deliver seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and just 37 percent of consumers agreeing that businesses are getting better at offering efficient customer contact options.

As a result, consumers still have numerous issues that contact centre managers must resolve to deliver a superior service that retains customers, these include:

  • 74% find it frustrating when customer service is only available during working hours
  • 70% of consumers want more channels to get in touch with companies
  • 47% want more customer service options tailored towards the mobile to deal with issues discreetly when out and about

With voice calls subsiding as a customer preference, self-service is on an increasing trajectory. Many consumers want to be able to contact companies through means such as mobile apps, online self-service portals and real-time web chat, and they expect transactions to be as easy as ordering an Uber.

Modern Consumers Require Modern Contact Centres to Meet their Needs

To keep on top of these multiple channels of contact and ensure agents don’t have a disconnected view of previous interactions and can handle complaints quickly, a modern contact centre is required. It’s essential that you can adapt quickly and scale to overcome disjointed omnichannel challenges and meet consumer needs for informed, convenient, and fast interactions. Here, integrating chatbot technology should also be considered, as many enquiries don’t have to be handled by a human workforce, which increases the ability to meet consumer expectations and enable agents to focus on complex queries on the phone where customers are most impatient.

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