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Cool Call Recording Features You Should Know About

Monday, February 26, 2018 - 10:00
Call Recording Features

There are plenty of reasons why businesses use call recording systems. Some companies are required to record their calls for legal purposes. For others it might be about quality monitoring and staff training or to gain valuable business insights. And some companies might be driven by compliance. Whatever the reason for implementing call recording, many businesses actually fail to leverage the maximum value from their call recording investment by overlooking or underutilizing key features.

If you look beyond the driving factor for the original purchase, often there are unexplored features that can save time and improve efficiency. By understanding what your call recording solution is capable of, you can be sure to extract the full value of your investment and make a significant impact on your business.

Call Recording Features

During call playback, bookmark tagging allows users to right click on an exact section within the call and add or save a specific note, like if an agent has made an error or a breach in data protection has occurred. On the flip side, you can use this feature when the agent has said or done something well that should be praised and encouraged. The ability to add bookmarks, with no limit on how many you add, makes coaching sessions easier and more productive; relevant parties won’t need to listen to the whole call but rather can skip straight to those key areas. If a call should be shared with another person, it saves time by letting them simply click the bookmarks to get to the part in question. 

Single click to email is another great time-saver. Whether it’s for dispute resolution, coaching, training or quality monitoring, there’s no need to leave the recording and open an email; simply click and send the call recording.

Waypoint tagging within call recording is an important feature that allows you to tag multiple waypoints when designing a call flow on a web-based editor. When it comes to call play-back, you’re able to jump straight to that key section of a call with just a click – perhaps the section of the call that can be the most problematic for agents, or to see the effect of a certain script. Waypoint tagging can be a huge time saver as there's no need to listen to the recording in its entirety. More calls can be scored/graded which means greater performance improvements can be made. There's also a high-speed playback facility which customers also find to be a useful productivity enhancing feature (where calls can be played back at up to 4 x normal speed).

You might find your solution has built-in agent coaching and quality monitoring tools that you can really take advantage of in terms of ongoing staff development. Within West's call recording you can quickly and easily build unlimited grading and scoring templates simply using a web browser. Within coaching templates, you can create as many questions as you need, decide if they are optional or mandatory, set weightings to focus attention on key measurements and a whole lot more. You can set coaching question options for free text, yes/no, multiple select, radio option, not applicable and fatal question types. With continuous staff development by coaching call center agents you improve employee satisfaction, staff retention and customer satisfaction in one swoop.

Is screen recording an option within your recording system? By capturing synchronized voice and screen activity and playing it back from your web browser, you have total visibility into the agent interaction and workflow. This gives a clearer picture of agent training needs and the end-to-end customer experience, and you can use the insights to improve business system usage. Use the screen recording run-on feature at the end of the voice call to capture the post-call processing or wrap-up phase of the call so you can verify data entry accuracy, optimize workflows and improve application usability. 

Get More from Your Call Recording Solution

Take a moment to acquaint yourself with your call recording solution to see what you might be missing out on. And if you're interested in call recording, then download our free guide The Truth About Call Recording.

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